A Practical Planning and Design Guide

As we all agree and what was emphasized at the UN-Habitat III Conference in Ecuador in 2016, the public space plays a key role in the day-to-day lives of people. It needs to be healthy, safe, green, convivial, social, childfriendly, inclusive and attractive. But how do we realise this?

Drs. Rosemarie Maas and Ing. Kyra Kuitert ®RCE discovered that there was not much integral and accessible knowledge about spatial conditions for a well used public space. For this reason they wrote 'Prettige Plekken' a guide with a clear vision, over 500 practical guidelines and hundreds of photos.

The international version 'Great Places' will be on the market soon, with even more guidelines and examples. Please send us an email if you are interested. We are also open to partnerships and sponsoring.




Our mission       Great Places for everybody!

Our vision          Intelligent urban integration and good design have a major influence on the (good) use of

                            public space. Basically it should be attractive, childfriendly, accessible and healthy and                                  offer a feeling of safety and belonging and the possiblity to move and stay comfortably.

Our approach    In our handbook we have converted our vision into a set of concrete guidelines for

                           designers, administrators, policy makers, and others stakeholders.

Our offer            We analyse existing situations and plans and advice on how to make people-friendly                                     public space. Beside that we advise on strolls and on how to make the public space                                       greener and more climate resistant.

Furthermore      We offer masterclasses 'Looking through the eyes of the user' and in-company training.